Pride in Tel Aviv Considered worldwide as one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world, Tel Aviv is a great supporter of the LGBTQ community. As a liberal open-minded free-spirited city, with governmental assistance, municipal support and fabulous Pride Parade – Tel Aviv is a gay paradise.
There are no "gay quarter" in Tel-Aviv. Gays and gay culture are inseparable part of the city. Kissing on the beach, holding hands in the streets or just taking their kids to school, the community visibility is indisputable. For the same reason there aren’t many exclusive gay bars and clubs in Tel Aviv, for it's just not really needed.
Loud and clear, active and vocal, the LGBTQ community has a large representation in the city municipal structure, cultural life and its extravagant nightlife.

Tel-Aviv's best Pride highlights

The spectacular – Tel Aviv Pride Parade
The friendly-to-all bar – Shpagat
The gays' hip-hop line – Lima Day
The sassy gays' line – Dreck
The lesbians' line – Seveneleven
The groovy gays' line – Tinofet

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