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Tel Aviv has the greatest amount of Bauhaus buildings in the world and therefore declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Here is everything you need to know about the history of Tel Aviv White City, where to find those marvelous buildings and why Tel Aviv architecture is like no other.
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Planning a trip to Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Published: 28-Jul-2019
Here are some questions (and a lot of answers) for the best Tel-Aviv vacation.
Tel Aviv - Jaffa is a welcoming liberal city, with great weather, endless beautiful beaches and wonderful food, everything needed for a perfect vacation.
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Tel Aviv Transportation

Published: 09-Aug-2019
Tel Aviv is highly accessible by public transport and the city residents have plenty and variety of ways to reach every spot in the city. Trains, Buses, Travelcard, Bicycles and Electric Scooters - Here are all the ways to move in Tel Aviv like a local.
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Famous for its mouth-watering fresh food and its wide variety of dishes, here are some must-try that will stimulate your appetite and gives you a toothsome sense of the city.
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For those who need some more extra work out besides traveling at Tel Aviv's streets, we picked 5 best free fitness options to keep you in shape.
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From eating on sidewalks to gourmet pizza, Tel Aviv offers abundance options of this delicious and comfort food. If your heart desires a perfect slice with risen dough, melting mozzarella, juicy tomatoes, and fantastic toppings, we are here to help. Here are our top picks for the best pizzas in Tel Aviv.
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The Complete Hebrew Slang Guide

Published: 16-Oct-2018
You have finally decided to come over to Tel Aviv, to figure out by yourself why people who visit our city can't stop talking about it. You even learned basic words to ease the communication with the friendly Israelis. But what about those words that the locals use and the regular dictionaries ignores? Here are the popular slang words in Israel to make sure you will never feel left out.
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The fabulous Tel Aviv Pride Parade, the best party in the Middle East is here and we have all the details. Loaded with incredible energies, vibrant music, sexy tanned dancers and extravagant costumes, the Parade is a spectacular experience that should not be miss. A celebration of liberation, pride, justice and acceptance, Tel Aviv Pride Parade 2019 is a glorious festival of love and LGBTQ visibility.
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"Ree, ouch, hey, hm, la", this how everything started. With the beautiful and incredibly talented Netta Barzilai winning the Eurovision and everyone hearts. It's been a year since and it's hard to express in words the excitement of the Israelis towards the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. This most awaited event going to be absolutely fantastic, full of spectacular moments and many surprises.
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