All about Jaffa Jaffa is a fusion of old and new, a mixture of various cultures and religions, and a meeting point of edges. Jaffa is where thousands of years of history come to life with vibrant colors and scents. As one of the oldest city ports in the world, Jaffa has a magical atmosphere at its charming alleys, countless hidden gems and a spectacular view of the Mediterranean. In recent decades, Jaffa underwent a profound renovation and is now brimming with preserved historical attractions alongside restaurants, cafés, shops and vibrant nightlife. If you come to Tel Aviv, Jaffa, and especially its old city, is an absolute must.

Jaffa must-see attractions

The breathtaking – Jaffa Port
The picturesque marketplace & nightlife hub – Jaffa Flea Market
The entrance to the Old City – The Clock Square
The main square – Kedumim Square
The beautiful – HaPisga Garden

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