Useful Info About Tel Aviv

Why Visit Tel Aviv-Yafo

Published: 09-May-2019
Born in 1909 and grew into a fantastic, beautiful, vivid, cosmopolitan city, fill with light and sun that shine almost all year round. With an unstoppable beat, unbeatable beaches, friendly people, superb nightlife and electric atmosphere, Tel Aviv is a wonderful place to feel alive. <br />
<br />
The city has more than 430,000 residents and is a leading force in Israel culture, art, finance, high-tech and architecture. The White City, the compounds of Bauhaus and International Style buildings in Tel Aviv, grant the…
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Published: 11-May-2019

Holidays and Vacations

Published: 09-May-2019

Emergency Phone Numbers

Published: 09-May-2019
<b>Medical emergency (Magen David Adom, MDA):</b> 101 <br />
<b>Medical emergency by SMS for deaf and hearing impaired:</b> 052-7000101<br />
<br />
<b>Police:</b> 100<br />
<b>Police by SMS for deaf and hearing impaired:</b> +972 (0)52 2020100<br />
<br />
<b>Firefighter:</b> 102 <br />
<b>Firefighter by SMS for deaf and hearing impaired:</b> +972 (0)50 5960735<br />
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Published: 09-May-2019
Today, Israel is amid accessibility revolution which asks to ease people with disabilities to manage their daily life with as much freedom as possible. Within this framework, many facilities and buildings have been adjusted and the awareness for the subject is growing. Unfortunately, those efforts are not enough yet and people with disabilities in Tel Aviv still face difficulties and obstacles. However, we believe that having disabilities should never prevent any individual from traveling. Committed to this premise we did our best to…
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VAT Refund

Published: 09-May-2019
The Value Added Tax (VAT) in Israel is 17% and tourist may receive VAT refund if they stand in the requirements the Israeli Tax Authority and Ministry of Tourism set. <br />
<br />
Tourists that have stamp passport with B3, B2 or B4 visa may receive VAT refund, Israeli citizens or those who have Israeli passport are not allowed to receive it. If you are a frequent traveler to Israel, please remember that you can request VAT refund only for your purchases on this current trip. Also, you will not receive a refund…
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